“Bhagavad Gita talks a lot about meditation and it’s importance. Meditation is considered extremely helpful for inner peace and ‘sadhna’. “

FAQs: Talking Bhagavad Gita

Q1. ​Why should I study the Gita?
A.    Because it teaches you about yourself — your real self, your Atman.
        Studying Gita is nothing but learning about yourself and God and eventually becoming One with God. To learn about God means first to know and then become God oneself. To become God means to eradicate self-love, the ego, selfishness, and possessiveness. This level of humility is essential and this sense of unity is equally essential.

Q2. How much time it takes to transform through Gita?

A.   The process is slow and requires a lot of practice, dedication and sincerity, but is not impossible. Like any accomplished athlete or artist must keep practicing or else he falls out of shape very fast. Similarly, the pursuit of enlightenment needs lots of discipline and a firm resolve not only in the beginning but until the goal is reached. To start with one should read and recite Gita, then move on to its Tatparya or interpretation then to its contemplation, relating it to oneself and life.

Q3. What is the process for transformation?
A.    It would be nice if you could go to a secluded place and learn from a saint. But it is not possible for everyone. Nor is it advisable to leave your present KARMA and abandon your duties. So, you can stay with your family, fulfill your obligations and learn along the way. Either way, it requires total dedication, lots of worldly sacrifices and constant practice. The reward?  Even the impossible transforms into the attainable.

Learning is an art. It should be adopted properly and under an expert’s supervision. The teacher can be a human, the teachings of a saint, or Mother Nature. Unfortunately, most people are after only materialistic comforts. They don’t have any time or desire for spirituality. The entire process consists of talking and listening but leads to nothing because there is no practicing. Learning the Gita is not child’s play. One must have an intense desire to learn and practice. If you’re sincere, you will find a teacher to guide you.

Don’t be tempted by the confusion created by the mystical powers of meditation and psychic powers. Start by thoroughly cleansing your life. Purify your mind, body and intellect. Live a simple life. Abolish hatred, jealousy and dislike. Love everyone alike. Associate with wise and noble. Read and contemplate spiritual teachings. Help the unfortunate to help yourself achieve your goal.

Your transformation begins the moment you begin to pay attention to these spiritual commandments. As your worldly desires evaporate, you will get a glimpse of True Joy, Peace and Bliss. You start to slowly but steadily merge with your True-Self. If you pay attention to the means, the end will take care of itself.

Q4. How will Gita help me?
A.   For a nursing baby, the mother’s milk is a complete formula and provides total nourishment. Similarly, the Gita provides a single source of happiness if we just listen to it. Like a child, we must place total trust in Her before She will accept us. This means we must surrender our ego, be obedient and diligently practice Her principles. She will provide all the guidance and help you will ever need. 

But like a real mother, She is not there to dictate your every move. You are still in charge of your destiny. All a mother can offer is her milk, but it’s the child who must struggle to secure it. Similarly, the Gita provides a road-map during your difficult moments, but it is your responsibility to incorporate in your life and benefit. We all know the importance of good directions when we are lost.

You can cure your sickness only by observing a proper blend of diet, exercise, lifestyle and medication. The Gita can be likened to a counselor who possesses an immense wealth of wisdom and has your best interest at heart. It is priceless possession in this life.